Side-by-Side Translate – Newsletter

Teachers often need to communicate home with parents, but do you communicate in a way that parents can read? In this post I am sharing how to use Side-by-Side Translate to make your Classroom Newsletter more accessible to parents.

Creating a newsletter in Google Docs is easy. The example below started with on of the newsletter templates that are built in. I did change the margins to 0.3 in order to give lots of space for the side-by-sdie translations

Using Side-by-Side Translate you can easily transform any newsletter. The example below in translated into Arabic. We have many families in our district that do not have mastery of English, so this would be better suited to reach out to them. Once you have completed the translation, feel free to make any edits to the format that would improve the look of your newsletter.

If you are interested in Side-by-Side Translate or want to learn more click here.