Slide Translate Appender

This tool was created after seeing many discussion by Google Certified Trainers and their need for translated Google Slides. Yes Google provides some basic apps scripts to translate pieces of text, but I wanted to translate the whole presentation at one time while maintaining the integrity of the original presentation. I hope you enjoy Side-by-Side Translate and how it can be used to reach new audiences in their primary language!

Download Information: You may download the template here or via Teachers Pay Teachers. 3-day trial included. $5 purchase includes licensing for 1 teacher and provides unlimited student licenses (accessed via teacher email address, no student data is collected).


Slide Translation Appender turns a Google Slides presentation written in one language into a presentation with two languages, the translated copied is appended and follows the original presentation. This allows educators/presenters to share a wide variety of content that is accessible in a variety of primary languages. With a single step process, Slide Translation Appender appends a copy of all slides and then uses Google Translate to convert from one language to another, maintain the general look and feel of each slide. This product will benefit English Learner students and their parents, and provides a UDL tool for all students to use.

Example Presentation (single slide only)

Steps to translate your document

Step 1) Download the template here ($5 purchase required after trial period, or download at Teachers Pay Teachers)

Step 2) Setup/Authorize the Apps Script

Step 3) Edit presentation or paste in your content

Step 4) Select “Translate and Append Slides” from the OTT-o-matic Functions menu, choose your destination language, and press “Start”

Step 5) Use your translation appended slide deck as-is (or copy-and-paste to another file) for sharing and distribution