OTT-o-matic Student Name Import


Student Name Import is a Google Sheet Add-on that allows users of G-Suite for Education to export students names and emails from active Google Classrooms in order to automatically insert student full names into the result page of a Google Form.  This allows teachers to auto-collect student emails and avoid the hassle of student writing nicknames, unrecognizable names, or the wrong names.

To use the add-on simply install the add on found here in the Chrome Webstore and follow the 2 simple steps to grab your students names and add them to your sheet.


Once you install and “Start” the Student Name Import add-on you will see step 1 and 2:

Step 1) Pull Student List from Google Classroom

Step 2) Insert/Update Full Names column into the current tab

When Step 1 is selected the MyStudent Tab will be added or updated with the list of students from you active Google Classrooms.

(Note: The length of time this step takes depends on the number of active classrooms and students, please give it time to process)

When Step 2 is selected the add-on looks for the emails, inserts a column, and inserts a formula to lookup the students name.  Once this column is created, you may move it to another location if desired.

(Note: Google Forms uses a default header of “Email Address”.  If this header is not found, you will be asked to provide the exact name of the header that contains the emails.)

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