OTT-o-matic Slides Randomizer

OTT-o-matic Slides Randomizer is a simple add-on that allows you to re-order your Google Slides into a random order.  Below are a couple of projects to get you started!  (Click on the images to get your own copy)

1/20/20 Update
You can now choose to have your presentation automatically randomize every time the file is opened. Slide 1 will remain to be kept as a title slide, all other slide will be randomized automatically to create a different presentation every time. You can find options to start and stop this automatic randomization in the Slide Randomizer add-on menu.




Once you install “Slides Randomizer” add-on you will complete step 1 and 2:

1) Select Randomize Presentation from the add-ons menu

2) Choose to keep the title slide (select “Yes”) or to randomize all slides (select “No”)

Option 1 – Choose to keep your title slide and randomize the rest of the slide deck.

Option 2 – Randomize the entire slide deck.

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