Chrome Webstore Apps

This a list of my Google Webstore add-ons. Some are free while the others have a 7 day trial and cost $3 to maintain the full functionality. They were all developed out of a need I found in the classroom. I hope they serve you as well as they do for me!

Student Name Import
Tired of looked at student email address and not knowing their names? Use Student Name Import to extract your student names from your Google Classrooms and then insert those name into your forms responses sheet automatically.

Slides Randomizer
There are times when you want your slides to be in a random order, like when you are studying for a test. Use Slide Randomizer to quickly re-order your slides in a random fashion. Does it all in one step, so easy to undo or run Slides Randomizer again for another look.

Have you been wanting to export your entire slide deck to a GIF (or set of images)? Then use Slide-Slide-GIF to create a custom GIF or get a new folder with an image of each of your slides that you can use anywhere you want. Share a license with your students and let them create custom timed GIFs too.

Push any number of slides to an entire folder of student presentations making distribution of new materials quick and easy. Integrates with the folder structure of Google Classroom to send your slides directly into students existing presentations. Perfect for a Google Slides based interactive notebook.