Fundraiser Tracking Sheet/Display

This is an example of a fundraiser chart that is embedded into a webpage.  You can modify the amounts in the yellow donations section in the Google Sheet below.  This in turn will change the total in the green section, which will be reflected in the Embedded Chart below.  The general directions for modifying the Display tab URL and embedding the iFrame can be found in the orange section.  Feel free to make a copy and check out how it all works.

Have fun, Jeran

2018 Custom CA School Dashboard

Custom County View 2018 CA School Dashboard

One of my pet coding projects has been to create a dashboard that is useful at the county level.  Over the past few years I have developed my coding skills allowing me the ability to quickly and accurately pull the data points for any CDS code, and to display those results in a different ways.  Over winter break I have recoded my tool to use the new and pulled together this custom Fresno County dashboard that I feel will be of benefit to many viewers. 

Please note: The same dashboard is used by all, so your setting choices will change as others also use the tool.  Be kind and share this new resource.  If necessary, come back at a different time if you can see someone actively in use of the tool.  The tool will occasionally reset (once an hour) to show all data points again.  Enjoy exploring the data for Fresno County school districts, you might see something new!!!  Instructions are located below the tool.

  District Level / Special Dashboards 


There are 3 tabs with editable sections (identified by a cream colored cell).  Below are the instructions for each tab.

School_IDs tab

Allows the user to choose a customized list of  districts.  Simply place an “X” in the districts you would like to be included in the District_Data tab where you will choose the “Custom List” option.

District_Data tab

Allows the user to explore the counties district(s) data with a variety of data filters.  At the top are 4 drop down menus listing the options.  By default they are as follows:

  • Cell A1 allow the user to choose “All Districts”, “Custom List” (created in the Schools_IDs tab), or any individual district.
  • Cell B1 allows the user to filter into view “All Indicators”, or one indicator at a time (“Chron Abs”, “Susp Rate”, “ELP”, “Grad Rate”, “CCI”, “ELA” and “Math”) .  This list has two additional indicators, “ELA-sub” and “Math-sub”.  These indicators includes the ELO (English Learners Only students), RFP (Reclassified Fluent English Proficient students) and EO (English Only students).  Note: The Performance Level is not typically included for these sub-groups, by the have been calculated and programmatically added using the Status and Change levels and the standard ELA/Math 5×5 grid placement.
  • Cell C1 allows the user to filter into view “All Sub-Groups”, or on sub-group at a time using acronyms (ie. HI = Hispanic sub0group).  This list additionally has the “All EL data” which allows the user to view the ELO and RFO subgroups (EO is not included in this option, but can be view separately).
  • Cell D1 should be set to “Significant Only” so that only significant sub-group data is shown.  The user can select to view “Non-Sig. Only” allowing the user to view sub-group data that does not have enough students to be counted as significant.

Below is an example selecting “All Districts”, “ELA”, “All EL Data”, and “Significant Only”.  Columns J, M, N shows 3yrs of Performance Level data with indicator arrows showing increase (➚), same (➙), and decrease (➘). Colors also mirror the standard dashboard gauge (1=red, 2=orange, 3-yellow, 4=green, 5=blue).

Additionally there are 3 regions with additional information on the currently filtered dataset:

  • The blue “Indicator Movement” section shows counts and percentages for current your performance level changes (also includes gain, losing and no significance)
  • The purple “Indicator Counts”  section shows counts and percentages for current your performance level values
  • The green “Filtered Summary 2018” when used at selected indicator and sub-group levels will count the number of filtered student, provide and average indicator level, and calculated a weighted average indicator level based on student enrollment in each district.  In the example, there are 30,053 EL students, average performance level of 2.6, with a weighted average of 2.8 (likely due to high population of EL students in 1 district that earned a performance level of 3).

5×5 Grid tab

Allows the user to see the results of the District_Data tabs filtering in the states 5×5 grid with customized data.

  • Cell B2 allows the user to select and available Indicator based on the filter from the District_Data tab.

Below is an example of the 5×5 grid showing “All EL data” filtered students and their Suspension Rate data across the county.  Each data point shows the status, 17-18 performance level change (the arrows: ), name of school district, sub-group, and number of included students in the sub-group.