CalFire Daily Maps

Last summer I was at Google’s GEO Institute and there were a lot of fires going on in California.  I was a firefighter for 5+ years and remember looking at the fire maps and the growth of a fire over time.  With CalFires use of Google MyMaps the history of fires is now missing.  So, as a solution I decided to automate a daily backup (10am and 10pm) of the current CalFire fire map to my Google Drive.  The daily backup script has been goin on for almost a full year, so I think it is reliable enough to share them.  Plus, it is fire season again and you can check out the growth of a fire somewhere across the state.

When you click on any of the URLs you will be taken to the Google Drive view of the file (see below).

Whats Next

You will have more control if you download the file and load the kmz file into either Google MyMaps or Google Earth for Chrome.  Check back in the coming weeks for more information on how to import kml/kmz files into Google MyMaps and Google Earth.

Example of a fire perimeter in My Maps

Example of a fire perimeter in Google Earth

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