2018 CAASPP Predominance Maps

As another one of my pet projects I like to learn how to use ArcGIS to visualize data. These maps I created tell the story of the predominance of the achievement levels on the 2018 CAASPP test for grade 3-8 and 11 across Fresno County schools and Statewide. A predominance map uses colors and transparency to represent the predominant group (more intense colors indicate a greater distance from the next most populous group), and size to represents the total population. For this map “Standard Exceeded” is represented by blue, “Standard Met” by green, “Standard Nearly Met” by orange, and “Standard Not Met” by red. Click on any location to see the school name, address and achievement data for that grade level and subject.

The 3rd grade math layer is on by default and shows the wide diversity of the predominant achievement level for this grade and subject. Take a moment and look at your region and turn on and off the various layers. I recommend only having one layer on at a time. The percent based data has been extracted from http://www3.cde.ca.gov/caasppresearchfiles/2018/sb/sb_ca2018_1_csv_v3.zip and for these maps I have programmatically re-calculated them to student counts in lieu of percentages. Data therefor might not be a perfect match, but should be accurate enough to make you think of some questions.

Have a great time checking out these resources. Make sure to scroll down to access the statewide version as well.

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