We have had a question about entering special characters like the division symbol on a Chromebook.  Of course you can use “/”, but what about a traditional division symbol ( ÷ ).  Here are the steps necessary to use Unicode to add special characters like “​÷”.
  1. To start please have a document or text box selected with the cursor indicating that you are ready to enter text
  2. 0) Place your cursor in the location you want the special character
  3. 1) Press ctrl-shift-u all together (typically hold control and shift keys down and then press the “u” key)
  4. 2) You should now see and underlined “u” (ie. u)
  5. 3) After you have identified your Unicode for the special character, type that following the u.
  6.      division symbol unicode is “u00f7” or “uf7”
  7. 4) Once you hit the space or enter key, the text will be replaced by the special character

​5) Repeat as needed for other special characters​

Image provided by Students of Mr. Rupe’s 5th grade class
​Note: If a character does not load, then the particular program you are using may not like this character.  Try again and verify using steps 1-4.

Unicode Resources:

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